7 Austin group event Ideas, for your next trip

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Austin is a great town to work and live in, with its great selection of music food, and entertainment there is something for everyone. However, when it comes to group event ideas, there is sometimes a struggle to find unique and compelling activities that will delight everyone. We put together a list of some of our favorites.

Austin, TX Great Ideas for your next Group Trip

1) Room Escape Games

Here’s a great bonding activity that requires leadership skills, teamwork, logic, and patience. Room escape games — Escape the Room, Puzzle Break, AdventureRooms, etc. — have become a wildly popular team-building exercise for groups around the globe.

Here’s how it works: A group of people get “locked” in a room for one hour. During that one hour, they have to find hidden objects, solve puzzles, and figure out clues to locate the key that will set them free.  This is a challenge : Only 20% of players actually make it out before the hour is up.

Escape the Room

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2) Boat Party

Heading out to beautiful lake Travis for a day of food, music and drinks is a no brainer for the office that is looking to unwind. Load up and head out to the lake, make sure to bring sunscreen.



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3) Indoor Skydiving

Looking for something that is unique and exciting? Indoor Skydiving is the perfect trip for your next group event. The feeling of flying indoors is a new concept and a unique experience, that will delight everyone of your associates.



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4) River Floating

What better way to get your group to break out of their shells than to have them get out and float on the river together.
Good times, with good people is always a sure win.



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5) Baseball Game

Heading out to Dell Diamond for a baseball game is a great way to unwind. Enjoying America’s pastime with a group of friends is an opportunity for some great memories. For a little added fun you can plan your trip around one of their many fan appreciation days to grab some bonuses for your group trip.




6) Laser Tag

Another great way to get your adrenaline pumping? A good old game of laser tag. Not only is it great fun, it’s also an opportunity for employees to exercise their strategy and logic skills, as well as teamwork skills. Bonus: Make teams ahead of time and have people dress up.


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7)  Bubble Soccer

If you are looking for an event idea that is truly unique, bubble soccer is worth consideration.
Competitive, silly, and fun, this group event idea is sure to result in some laughs and good times.


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There you have it 7 ideas for group travel in Austin, Texas that will be sure to delight your friends, co-workers, and help team-building.
We hope this makes planning your next party just a little bit easier. As always if your group is large, we can help you simplify your plans by providing the best transportation option for large groups.

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