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Float the River

Nothing beats the Austin heat like floating the river! Whether its Canyon Lake, the Guadalupe or Comal River, or any of the other popular locations in the area, our large capacity party buses are the best way to move parties of any size, and we do it for less than the competitors. Our open seating is perfect for packing on coolers with plenty of room to walk around the party bus.  The formula to floating success is quite simple:

  • Load the party bus with coolers and friends

  • Do your thing during a 1-1.5 hour ride to the river

  • Hop on a tube and float for 3-4 hours

  • Load back up and party, nap or relax all the way home

Brewery/Winery Tours


With an abundance of awesome breweries in Austin, our party buses are equipped to make sure your group can safely get around at a reasonable price.  While tour companies charge more and make you operate on their schedule, we are happy to help you plan a customized brew tour free of charge so that your party gets the exact experience it is looking for! 

Fly-Rides is your go-to for safe and fun brew tour group transportation without breaking the bank and we strongly recommend getting your group over to Live Oak Brewing for a taste of their delicious HefeWeizen.


Austin BBQ Tours



Austin is known for having some of the best barbecue in Texas, ranging from a laid-back environment at Rudy’s, or a little more upscale at Freedmens. With so many BBQ joints to choose from, who’s to say you can’t try them all? Rent a party bus, gather all your friends, and enjoy one of our Austin BBQ tours in style. Be sure to hit Rudy’sSalt Lick, and Terry Blacks … at least. For those with the patience, Franklin’s BBQ is also an option, though you may want to hit that first on your list.