It’s no secret that there is a surplus of fun to be found in the Central Texas area. Whether it’s a float trip, brew tour, wine tasting, etc., the fact of the matter is that tour companies are making their money by charging you more while minimizing their overhead. Fly-Rides, Central Texas’s AFFORDABLE Party bus is happy to help you WIN in (3) easy steps:

1) Cut Out the Middle Man!

  • Tour companies may be charging for destinations that do not actually have an entrance fee. This obviously is an easy way to absorb more of your dollars without any questions asked.
  • Not only are you going to pay up to $82 for a tour you can plan yourself, but you are sitting with strangers who could be in any sort of condition with a public tour company.
  • You are on THEIR time, so you start when they start, you move when they move, you end when they end. Customization of times, locations and destinations are non-negotiable.
  • They do not own their own vehicles, venues or activities, so there is an absence of accountability of plans change due to “factors outside of their control”. If your float gets rained out, Fly-Rides can simply take your party bus to some breweries in the area ☺.


2) Don’t Overpay for “Just a Ride”

Some folks don’t mind paying limo prices for basic services; while some competitors will be happy to sell $150/hr rates for a premium 12 passenger vehicle, Fly-Rides strives to be a cost leader and provide our services for less than buses, vans or rideshares for large groups. Our large capacity party buses couple with our lower rates create the perfect marriage of affordability and fun for large groups that want to ride together.

3) Plan Your Custom Trip (We Are Happy to Help)

If you book a Fly-Rides party bus, we are happy to help you plan your tour. We obviously cannot represent each venue’s unique set of rules or policies, but we are always happy to make suggestions so that the rider can call and do their own due diligence. This can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for your party so that you know what is going on while saving the most money possible.